Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maserati/Zombi - Split

Long in the making, this split LP finally brings together two similarly influenced and equally provocative groups: Athens, GA's Maserati - with their eternally driving, Krautrock-infused dance anthems - shares the record with Pittsburgh's favorite Italo-cinema fetishists, Zombi. Maserati contributes a pair of two-part epics that show the band progressing away from the sparkly-clean productions of their past in favor of a grittier, more experimental sound, occupying the unlikely space between the dark garage-pop infectiousness of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and the analog synth meditations of Harmonia. On the flipside, Zombi offer a single 14-minute track that slowly and steadily amasses pile of analog synths to build a stage for an extended drum solo (imagine Goblin covering "Moby Dick" and you're almost there). The marriage of these two bands couldn't be more perfect, and the inspiration they have brought each other is evident in both the creative exploration and the superior quality of the tracks. Rather that deliver non-album toss-offs, both groups brought top-shelf a-sides, making this split an essential part of each artist's already rich catalog.


1. MASERATI: Join Us, Mystic Sister
2. MASERATI: No More Sages
3. MASERATI: Monoliths
4. MASERATI: Thieves
5. ZOMBI: Infinity

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