Monday, August 24, 2009

Monster Magnet - Tab....25 (1991)

Easily the most bizarre, and consequently least "accessible" release in the mighty MONSTER MAGNET's discography, Tab...25 is also one of the most interesting. Open-minded students of rock will hear elements of not only HAWKWIND and SABBATH, but also a distinct BUTTHOLE SURFERS psychedelic influence. The title track alone went on to inspire bands across the globe, from ASTROSONIQ to UFOMAMMUT, and even the great KYUSS (back in '91, MM sounded more like KYUSS than KYUSS did!). Listen in an open and elevated state of mind, and you're in for a rock & roll experience like no other. If that doesn't work then just get really fucking high!

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  1. I always thought they sounded like Mudhoney if those guys never went to college and lived in a trailer park rather than an upscale suburb. Thanks - haven't heard this'n years!