Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lee Harvey Oswald Band - Blastronaut [1996]

Hot flashes of light delivered by cloud, seeding the metallic ether in ways that make even the most high-balled rock and rollers eat their own dirt.

Born in a five-star whorehouse in the great state of Texas (population: FUCK YOU), the Lee Harvey Oswald Band is a pack of wild dogs begging at your table for sexual scraps and demanding the quick extinction of your dull affairs.

1. The Greatest Man that Ever Walked the Face of the Earth
2. Surrender Earthlings
3. Rocket 69
4. Easy Amplification
5. Panic in Hanoi
6. Brontosaurus
7. Morphodite
8. Green like the Color of Blood
9. You Talk Sunshine...I Breathe Fire
10. The Scorpio Letter
11. Madeleine Loves the Leeches

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