Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Motorhead - On Parole [1975]

On Parole was the first album recorded by Motörhead in 1975-6. However, the record label, United Artists, were not pleased with the recorded material and initially did not release it.

The album was released unofficially in 1979, when the band had established some reputation with their Overkill and Bomber albums. This is the only album to feature the band's initial line-up: Lemmy on bass and vocals, Larry Wallis on lead guitar (and vocals on "Vibrator" and "Fools"), and Lucas Fox on drums (one track only). Fox had become uncreasingly unreliable and when he didn't turn up a second time, Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor, who had been persuaded to drive Lemmy to Rockfield Studios, was asked to overdub the tracks that Fox had recorded. Taylor didn't have sufficient time to overdub "Lost Johnny", as he was in jail following a drunk-and-disorderly drinking session,[1] so it remains as the only track in the entire Motörhead discography to feature Lucas Fox on the drums.

I love this record. I may even go as far as saying it's my favorite.

1 Motorhead
2 On Parole
3 Vibrator
4 Iron Horse/Born to Lose
5 City Kids
6 Fools
7 The Watcher
8 Leaving Here
9 Lost Johnny

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