Monday, September 21, 2009

Swell Maps - A Trip To Marineville

Noisy and experimental, Britain's Swell Maps experienced little commercial success during the course of their chaotic career, but in hindsight they stand as one of the pivotal acts of the new wave: not only was the group an acknowledged inspiration to the likes of Sonic Youth and Pavement, but their alumni – most notably brothers Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtracks – continued on as key players in the underground music community.

Although Sudden (vocals/guitar) and Soundtracks (piano/drums) formed the first incarnation of the Swell Maps as far back as 1972, the group did not begin to truly take shape until 1976, when the siblings enlisted bassist Jowe Head and guitarist Richard Earl. In the spirit of punk's "do-it-yourself" mentality, they formed their own label, Rather Records, and issued their debut single – the brief, jarring "Read About Seymour" – in the early weeks of 1978. Local media support soon won the group a distribution pact with – but they did not resurface until over a year later with the single "Dresden Style".

In mid-1979, the Swell Maps released their full-length debut "A Trip To Marineville", a crazy quilt of punk energy and Krautrock-influenced clatter. After the release of the speaker-shredding single "Let's Build A Car," the group recorded one final studio LP, "Jane From Occupied Europe", before breaking up. Each of the members followed their own career paths, playing solo and forming bands: Sudden formed The Jacobites, Soundtracks joined Crime & The City Solution and Head played with the Television Personalities.

Track Listing:

A1. H. S. Art (2:21)
A2. Another Song (1:43)
A3. Vertical Slum (1:12)
A4. Spitfire Parade (3:10)
A5. Harmony In Your Bathroom (5:24)
A6. Don't Throw Ashtrays At Me (1:16)
A7. Midget Submarines (4:33)
A8. Bridge Head (Pt. 9) (1:58)

B1. Full Moon In My Pocket (1:30)
B2. BLAM!! (3:31)
B3. Full Moon (Reprise) (1:21)
B4. Gunboats (8:25)
B5. Adventuring Into Basketry (7:28)
B6. My Lil' Shoppes 'Round The Corner (0:44)

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