Friday, October 30, 2009

Sons Of Anarchy - Kurt Sutter's Blog

Yeah I watch the show and yeah I like the show. But I have to say I'm really beginning to just dig Kurt Sutters style. The guy takes a lot pride in his work and isnt scared to voice his opinion (even if its gunna kill his career). I can respect and completely related to that. Those that know me would agree. At any rate check out his blog You might like it.Then again, what the fuck do I know?

(yes I know the 'club style" riding formation in this pic is wrong. If you aint in the club its best to shut the fuck up)


  1. Can't stand that show!....and I'm not gonna shut up bout it! It beyond stretches the wild imagination and is absolutely rediculous in content.

  2. I never said "shut up if you don't like the show". By all means let your voice be heard. I did however say "shut up" about the riding formation. I personally don't give two fucks if you like the show or not. It wont make one bit of difference in my life.

    I for one dont depend on my TV for realism. TV is actually suppose to take me beyond my wildest imagination. If i want realism I turn the TV off and go outside.

    I like it when people disagree with me. Makes for good conversation.

  3. Your right Josh, however it gives the mass audience the "wrong" perception of the "outlaw" world, I lived it for too many years and was raised in it, you know who I am, you've gone in my album on facebook, you know Tracy,she too was raised in this shit, makes people think we are all a bunch of "machismo eatin bitches, ran by a bunch of twits with patches". So not the case and yes, "the outlaw" world and it's beliefs/honor are extreme and the crime involved is prevelant in most cases, however it certainly isn't depicted in a real and or factual basis, and as far as the way they portray the women involved with the patch holders is quite a slap in the face, to those of us that REALLY were and are involved in it, on it and around it. Makes us all look stupid, therefore again "the mass audience" as ignorant as most are to the facts of the "outlaw" lifestyle believe that IS the way it is. I as well do Not rely on tv, hardly ever watch it.

  4. Its TV. Its entertainment. I have never seen the show claim to be "based on a true story". I dont look that deep into it. If I was worried about the way TV/Film depicts things I would pick everything apart and be more pissed off then I already am. The way I see it is for 1 hour on tuesday night I get to shut off the real world and be entertained.

    yes I know who you are (not sure why you're all cryptic about) but whatever. You know I grew up around the same club. Shit even the same chapter. So we know whats real. Are far as the masses are concerned. Fuck the masses!