Friday, January 15, 2010

Bo Diddley - The Black Gladiator

"No, goddammit, no. That grouchy genius can't be dead. He was a fucking Gunslinger. He fought monsters. He was loose, he was a surfer, he was a man, he was a lumberjack, he would not be accused, he was looking for a woman, he could bounce, he could twist, he was cookie-headed, he was powered by heart-o-matic love, he was bad, he did the crawdaddy, he let them bring it to Jerome, he shot tombstone bullets, he wore a fucking cobra snake around his neck, he had a rock and roll nurse who gave him pills, he stopped mumbling and talked out loud, he was my dearest rock and roll darling.

He was a lot of things, goddammit, but he can't be dead. There's no
fucking "Bo Diddley's Dead" in his catalog."

01. Elephant Man
02. You,Bo Diddley
03. Black Soul
04. Power House
05. If The Bible's Right
06. I've Got A Feeling
07. Shut Up,Woman
08. Hot Buttered Blues
09. Funky Fly
010. I Don't Like You

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