Saturday, August 29, 2009

DEAD MAN'S HAND - Volume 2

Compound Radio became an addiction for me when it started. I couldn't NOT listen. Fuckin' Lazie and the lunchtime 'Tuck" sessions. The music was good. Bad Brains and DEVO every day. I somehow became part of the 'crew', 600 miles away from that kitchen, via emails and song requests over IM and emails. These dudes knew what was up and I had never even met them face to face. Something was happening and it was big. We thought so, anyhow. Fuck you. We're here. Come and get us. That was what we were saying. I heard about cease and decist orders and various other troubles. Lazie told me to quit making requests, and make a goddamn show. I tried to fit my piece of the puzzle into the Compound. A high order. My roommate and music collector/affecianado Gregg Emley held down half of the musical choices and gave a damn. The show ended up being called "Dead Man's Hand", obviously lifted from a Motorhead lyric. What else? I was damn close to calling my show "Gimme Danger" but it was voted out. I told my man Junebug Spade in Detroit, he should use that name, being a bad motherfucker from Detroit and all. He took it and ran with another great running weekly show on Compound. We both started emailing our shows in, so Lazie could have a break once in awhile. I made 12 episodes. Volume 1 was only 1 hour, so I started here with Volume 2. Enjoy. Light one up and listen hard. Keep an eye out for further shows and further commentary from San Jose.

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