Thursday, August 27, 2009

Skrewdriver - All Skrewed Up [1977]

This got to be one of most controversial and miss understood records in the history of punk rock. Skrewdriver was formed in 1976 by front man Ian Stuart, influenced after seeing the Sex Pistols in Manchester that same year. At first the band came out as a punk image, but quickly became the first skinhead band, and was always performed by a large skinhead audience since their beggining which most of the time the show had to be shut down do to skinhead violence. This record and the early Skrewdriver, they did not supported any political parties till the band split up in '79 and later in '82 when Ian reformed Skrewdriver with new members, the band came out as a far right National Socialist band (Ian was the only original member of Skrewdriver when they reformed). In my opinion this is one of the best Skinhead records of all time. I don't support any of the idea's or political belief's that the band has/had. I don't support ANY idea's or politics for that matter. Just shut your hole and enjoy this killer record. If listening to this record somehow turns you into a racist skinhead and make's you want to go out and bash the fuck out of someone. Well, have at it!

1. Where's It Gonna End
2. Government Action
3. Backstreet Kids
4. Gotta Be Young
5. I Don't Need Your Love
6. I Don't Like You
7. An-ti-so-cial
8. (Too Much) Confusion
9. 9 till 5
10. Jailbait
11. We Don't Pose
12. The Only One
13. Won't Get Fooled Again

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