Monday, September 21, 2009

Flat Duo Jets - White Trees

For all of you fans of early Elvis, Carl Perkins, Gene Maltais, and dozens of other lesser known rockabilly all stars The Flat Duo Jets were a two-piece raging piece of rock and roll history.
Thick with charged and expressive lyrics and screaming guitar riffs that range from subdued to convulsive White Trees is an amazing album. This album ranges from hauntingly beautiful with tracks like Rabbit Foot Blues, Cool Boys, and White Trees - to more surly and over the top performances such as How Long and Radioactive Man. This is a fantastic album. - By Paul Schmitt "" (Cincinnati, OH USA)

01. Daughter of the Jungle
02. Love Can't Be Right
03. Old Soul
04. You Don't Love Me Anymore
05. Husband of a Country Singing Star
06. Where Are You Now
07. Michelle
08. How Long
09. Rabbit Foot Blues
10. Tura Satana
11. Radioactive Man
12. Interlude
13. Big John
14. Cool Boys
15. White Trees

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