Monday, September 21, 2009

Pink Fairies - Never Neverland (1971)

This is the bands first record. I know you're going to say "Dude, Kings Of Oblivion is their best record". While that may be true this album still kills it. So stop complaining and get this. If you havent heard the Pink Fairies nows your chance to get turned on to some amazing shit.

01. Do It
02. Heavenly Man
03. Say You Love Me
04. War Girl
05. Never Never Land
06. Track One, Side Two
07. Thor
08. Teenage Rebel
09. Uncle Harry's Last Freak-Out
10. The Dream Is Just Beginning
11. The Snake ( Single Version )
12. Do It ( Single Edit )
13. Teenage Rebel (Alt.Mix - Previously Unreleased)
14. War Girl (First Version - Previously Unreleased)

Download Here

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  1. Just found your blog! Missed this gem! Bugger!